Legend of Zelda’s New Female Link

The latest character in Legend of Zelda seems to be a female version of Link, the green hero who is tunic-clad. The name of the new character is Linkle. The name is the Romanized version of Rinkuru. The character just joined Hyrule Warriors 3DS and will be available next year, March 25 in North America.

Linkle is not just a simple graphic file or alternative skin which could be used to change your avatar’s appearance. Linkle is a whole new character. She has her own backstory together with unique weapons and attacks. She has a pair of crossbows and a spinning kick which complements Link’s spinning blade.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is not officially a part of Nintendo’s canon. The game was created by Koei Temco of Dynasty Warriors. The introduction of Linkle is something different from tradition. She was first made known last summer of 2014 at an art book in Hyrule Warriors’ Wii U version. Linkle was just known as a girl version of Link but she never made it to the game. The announcement took place in a Nintendo Direct broadcast which is the first one since Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s late CEO, passed away lst July.

Linkle may be among the list of strange character names, among Waluigi as an example, but definitely, her addition as a double-crossbow-weilding heroine is something to watch out for. Hyrule Warriors Legends will be a combination of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. With Hyrule Warriors’release in Wii U and the success it proved to be, a lot of gamers are definitely excited for the game to be released. There would be a lot of Zelda characters in Hyrule Warriors but handheld versions will be the ones to experience Linkle. So keep calm and wait for next year!

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