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Tips on Getting More Coins in Nintendo Miitomo

Miitomo brings all your Nintendo loving friends from around the world together in on social platform. That sounds just like yet another social app/game, why should you pay attention to it? Well, first of all, many fans of Nintendo seem to be loving this new app. An eye-popping 1 million users have downloaded them three days after its release on March 31st, and it is on pace to pass 3 million downloads already as we speak. And it is not just people downloading it and stashing it away, not to see any daylight for the rest of its dwelling in people’s mobile devices.

Miitomo players are using the app and engaging in it frequently and regularly. Part communication and part social network with social gaming mixed in, Miitomo has exploded and it’s here to stay. Similarweb has reported that players use Miitomo over 22 minutes a day on average, an impressive feat for Nintendo who is still quite new to the mobile app scene.

Known methods of generating coins on Miitomo reliably

Coins are the lifeblood of the Miitomo. It is primarily used in dressing up your avatars in the form of clothes. Coins are also used to play a type of a quiz game called Minigame Drops, which can lead you to getting Candies. Players can buy the coins with real money in the form of in-app purchase. However for those that are cash-poor, we’ve compiled the best tips on collecting the coins for Miitomo.

1. Simply log in to get your free coins.

There are randomized coins and candies reward for logging into your account. This is obviously encouraging players to log in and use their app and it works great. You can earn up to 2,000 coins as well as opportunity to win tickets and candies on some days. Check the Daily Bonus calendar to get the queue of rewards lined up for you.

calendar showing the rewards you can earn by simply logging in

2. Get your commenting game on

Miitomo is all about social interactions and by commenting, you can earn 15 coins. You can comment on your friend’s questions and anything that has a comment option to take advantage of this. Note that you can get rewarded with coins for 5 comments per day.

3. Help out your friends

Listen to and answer your friend’s questions. By helping your friends out by replying to their questions and providing helpful answers, you can earn coins. 5 for listening and 15 for answering the Q. Easy way to score some coins! There are daily caps of 5 times you can do this.

4. Make friends

Adding friends will net you easy coins fast. Here is the table on how much coins you can net by simply making friends:

Number of Friends Rewards in Coins or Tickets
1 1,000
2 1,500
5 2,000
10 5 Game Tickets
15 3,000
20 10 Game Tickets

Currently, there is a cap of 9,999 coins you can earn for free per day through these methods. By being diligent and consistent with earning your coins, you too can save up the amount needed to purchase your dream clothings.

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